µLight Gen II
µLight is the first light source wich allows to control the color and structure of the illumination of a microscopic sample. As its name suggests, the Gen II model is the second version that replaced the LT model in early 2019.

The illumination color setting adjusts the hue of the image to control the contrast and the white balance when it is impossible to do so at the camera level.

This color control at the "source" level allows to adjust the hue when observation is done through the eyepieces without using filters. Color settings can be saved using
µLight CS software and used for analyzes.

The structuring of the illumination makes possible to generate lighting patterns: these patterns reveal certain optical properties of the objects observed (cells, bacteria, polymer films, optical guides, etc.). Dedicated digital processing provides access to these properties.

For example, differential phase contrast, equivalent to the Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) in terms of image, is simply reachable with µLight and a conventional brightfield microscope.

Example of white balance adjustment with µLight: 1 /Image acquired in white lighting 2/ Image after color adjustment with µLight.
One of the advantages of µLight is the ability to modify the illumination pattern without optical or mechanical action on the microscope. With a simple mouse click or the use of a wireless remote control, it is possible to switch from brightfield observation to darkfield lighting, from one color setting to another: no vibration, no loss of focus, no image shift. The µLight CS software integrates a very simple programming language to automate pattern modifications.

The µLight CS software is very easy to use and very intuitive. It incorporates "factory" settings and/or a personalized mode for a routine use.

µLight CS
runs under Windows XP, 7, 10 and takes about 500 Ko on hard disk.

The installation of µLight is possible on all microscope models by means of a specific and removable mechanical interface. This installation is simple to carry out and it is reversible. Thus, the original condenser can be reinstalled if necessary. Compatible microscopes:

Olympus upright (BX) and inverted (IX)   Leica DML upright   Leitz Laborlux upright

Nikon Eclipse upright and inverted   Zeiss Axioskop upright   Realux BK 5000
For other model, contact us.

Technical specifications
Electronic controller
  • Power supply: 110 / 220 V - 50/60 Hz - 5 V 4 A
  • Size: 100 x 100 x 40 mm (L x P x H)
  • Weight: 200 g
  • USB link with computer
  • Infra-red remote control
  • µLight Control Software:
    • Windows XP, 7, 10 
    • 32 / 64 bits
    • 500 Ko hard disk
  • CE - RoHS 3

µLight Source
  • 59 individually controlled pixels (color, intensity)
  • Mechanical microscope adaptation interface
  • 2 m cable to controller
  • Size: 49 x 33 mm (D x H)
  • Weight: 30 g
  • CE - RoHS 3

µLight designed and made in France