Our products:
 : the first light source for structured illumination
 : post-processing software for phase imaging with ImageJ
 : multimodal phase imaging kit
µLight Gen II
  • µLight is a light source for transmission microscopy allowing to define the illumination structure.
  • By shaping patterns controlled in intensity and colour, µLight makes use of the properties of optics providing access to different phase imaging techniques. 

  • The µLight Gen II model comes with a source of 59 pixels individually adjustable in intensity and color to control the lighting. 
  • A compact controller, connected to a computer and driven by µLight CS (simple but powerful software) allows the definition of illumination patterns. 
  • An infrared remote control system. 
  • µLight is a cost-effective solution to transform a standard microscope into a high-end device and to put an old microscope back into operation.
  • OQaPI is a post-processing software which uses the images produced by µLight to provide: 
    • differential phase contrast images (DPC),
    • super-resolved brightfield images,
    • phase images.
  • OQaPI is interfaced with the free software ImageJ.
Screen capture: reconstruction with OQaPI of the phase image of a micro-cuvettes grid etched in a silica slide. The 3D representation is generated by ImageJ.
  • Altamira is the first acquisition system allowing multimodality of phase imaging.
  • Altamira makes possible to directly obtain (without post-processing) images in structured illumination.
  • The observation methods available with Altamira are:
    • bright field,
    • anomalous phase contrast (APC),
    • real time differential phase contrast (rt-DPC),
    • 4 fields automatic differential phase contrast,
    • oblique illumination (or relief contrast).
Screen capture: Altamira software user interface.
  • Altamira's software has been designed to be very user friendly.
  • Digital processing to obtain phase contrast images is carried out by the software automatically.
  • Altamira is composed of:
    • one µLight Gen II device
    • one USB color 3 Mpixel digital camera
    • the Altamira software