Altamira is the first microscopy system that allows multimodality of phase imaging. In other words, Altamira allows you to observe your preparations by several phase imaging methods without take off any accessories.

Multimodality of phase is a powerful tool because each method provides different information which depends on the objects observed and on what one seeks to visualize or measure.

Switching from one method to another is done by simply clicking a button on the Altamira software (see the control GUI in the figure below).
Altamira software interface.
Altamira's software has been designed to simplify observation and offer maximum comfort for the experimenter to devote to his analysis.

Altamira is built around a µLight Gen II source and exploits the possibilities of structured illumination by integrating digital processing which is transparent to the user. Access to innovative methods developed by leida Technologies is thus facilitated.

The methods available with Altamira are:
  Equivalent with a conventional microscope   Ocular Vision
  Real Time  
Bright Field   Bright Field
  X   X  
Anomalous Phase Contrast (APC)   Zernike phase contrast   X   X  
Real time DPC (rt-DPC)
  Interferential Phase Contrast (DIC, Nomarski)  
4 fields DPC   No equivalent          
Relief contrast
  Relief Contrast   X
The relief contrast makes possible to observe, with the eyepieces and in real time, transparent objects with brightfield objectives at low magnification.

The anomalous phase contrast makes possible to observe, with the eyepieces and in real time, these same objects with bright-field objectives from 20 X magnification.

rt-DPC provides a real-time image of DPC.

With this method, user can make the focus accurately before recording a 4-field DPC image.

rt-DPC also allows you to record images which vary quickly (movement of particles, displacement or evolution of cells, ...).
rt-DPC image provided in real time by Altamira.
The DPC image is calculated from 4 images automatically acquired by Altamira and displayed in the "Capture" window of the interface.

This image of DPC is more resolve than that obtained in rt-DPC
DPC image provided automatically by Altamira.
With the images recorded for the DPC, it is possible to calculate the phase image using OQaPI.
Phase image provided by OQaPI.
Altamira is composed of:
  • a µLight Gen II with a 59 pixels light source
  • a 3 M pixel color camera (USB, CMOS)
  • the Altamira software.
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